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Examination Work Centre

Our Exam work center has evolved over the years into a state of the art unit for today’s computerized offices. Compliment your chair, stand and instrumentation with its attractive and spacious look. It delivers the kind of impression that reinforces the image of the quality and service your patient can expect as they travel through your office.


    • “After 11 years in private practise, I was faced with the challenge of expansion.  Hiring MDS made decision making a breeze” “They achieved what they said they could and that was the ‘Wow’ factor. I was really surprised by the reaction to my new office.  EVERYONE! And I mean everyone, that came in the office, […]

      — Dr. Lisa Fung

    • “When you did my first office eleven years ago, you did what you said you were going to do and when you said you were going to do it. I had an outstanding result and consequently when I decided to build a new office, my decision was to use MDS again.” “In the first office […]

      — Dr. Areef Nurani

    • “I want to thank Frank and Brian from the bottom of my heart for making my dream a reality and for Modular Design’s attention to detail” “I especially want to thank Frank, for his time, energy, expertise, insight, motivation and support.” “I can say that MDS went above and beyond what I expected and I […]

      — Dr. Stelios Nikolakakis

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